May 7, 2008

Διαφήμιση coca cola

Από logothetis στην κατηγορία inspiration ακριβώς στις 10:18 am

Η coca cola μας έχει συνηθίσει σε εκπληκτικές διαφημίσεις αλλά αυτή την φορά θεωρώ ότι ξεπέρασε τον εαυτό της.Πραγματικά εκπληκτική!

Μπορείτε να την δείτε ολόκληρη ,διάρκειας 3.30 λεπτών, εδώ

buzz it!

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    Comment by Krystal — May 25, 2016 @ 2:12 pm

    I love shoes as well. I’m amazed with the amount of pairs I’ve accumulated in less than a year of being here. When I was still in the Philippines, my shoe racks can compete with Imelda Marcos’, heehee. I guess there’s an imeldific sense in each gal.

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    I’ve been staring at “Get two of every animal you own” for over a year. This is the best Facebook-game related Christmas Present I could ever ask for./ Going to be swimming in Ruffed Lemurs from now on, I bet…

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    I remember a time on the radio when it was 'Myanmar formerly Burma' and then became 'Burma formerly Myanmar formerly Burma'. So now it's 'Myanmar formerly Burma formerly Myanmar formerly Burma', is it?

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